Tiger caught near Artyom released into the wild

Tiger caught near Artyom released into the wild

31 October 2016

The male Amur tiger caught in the village of Uglovoy last week has been released in the Tigrovoye hunting ground not far from the Ussuri Nature Reserve. Signals sent by his GPS collar show that the predator has been moving away from populated localities. Currently he is five kilometres to the north of where he was released. According to specialists, this fast movement is a sign that the tiger is in good health and feels confident in the new environment.


According to Viktor Kuzmenko, director of the Centre for the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals (PRNCO “Tiger Centre”), the centre’s staff and employees of the Primorye Territory Department of Hunting Supervision will track the tiger’s state and location on a permanent basis.


At the same time, another tiger that was the first to be caught in Vladivostok is undergoing rehabilitation at the Tiger Centre. Currently specialists are deciding whether the animal is prepared to be released into the wild or will be kept at a zoo.  The Amur Tiger Centre has announced a contest to name the tiger. Online voting will close on 15 November.

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