Tiger captured in Vladivostok to undergo rehabilitation

Tiger captured in Vladivostok to undergo rehabilitation

24 October 2016

The newest arrival at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of Tiger (PRNCO “Tiger Centre”) is a young tiger captured by workers from the Primorye Territory Hunting Supervision Department at Shamora Bay, within the Vladivostok city limits. The tiger was first spotted on 8 October, while he was crossing a road near the town of Artyom. He then spent several days roaming around Vladivostok. 


An initial veterinary inspection of the tiger found him to be a male of around 18 months to two years old, with a weight of 140 kilogrammes, normal for this age, and no signs of external illnesses. The centre’s specialists took samples for more detailed analyses and put the tiger in quarantine until the results come through.  


The experts now have to work out just how the tiger ended up in settled areas and draw up a plan for the animal’s rehabilitation. This will require conducting tests to analyse the tiger’s behaviour in the presence of humans and assess his hunting capabilities. For now, the tiger has been avoiding contact with humans and hides himself successfully. If the tests reveal no problems, the tiger will be returned to the wild. “We will select a new habitat, taking into account the sparse population of both people and tigers, and also a sufficient population of hoofed animals,” said Sergei Aramilev, director of the Amur Tiger Centre’s Far East branch.


Minister of Natural Resources and the Environment Sergei Donskoi instructed the national environmental supervision agency, Rosprirodnadzor, to organise the necessary approval procedures with zoos should the decision be made to keep the tiger in captivity.