Artyom caught on video

Artyom caught on video

30 May 2018

Researchers have received a video from people who saw the Amur tiger Artyom in the Dalnerechensk District of the Primorye Territory. The tiger was previously caught on camera in autumn 2017. These images and video show that Artyom has settled in this area and has become its rightful master.


Experts say that Artyom is in good shape and behaves well: his home range is located far from villages, and the tiger has never been seen close to them.


“The video shows that the tiger is obviously well fed, a sign that there are plenty of ungulates in that area,” said Viktor Kuzmenko, director of the Tiger Centre. The next monitoring in the tiger’s habitat is scheduled for mid-June.


The tiger was captured in 2016 near the city of Artyom, after he killed a farm animal. The tiger was sent to the Tiger Centre and was released into the wild a week later at the Tigrovoye hunting grounds near the Ussuri Nature Reserve.

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