Artyom the tiger found in Primorye Territory

Artyom the tiger found in Primorye Territory

13 October 2017

Specialists of the Amur Tiger Centre reported that Artyom, the tiger who fell off the GPS radar half a year ago, was found in the Dalnerechensky District of the Primorye Territory.


According to Sergei Aramilev, head of the centre’s Far Eastern branch, researchers thought that the tiger could have been killed by poachers or his tracking collar damaged, so the search continued.


“Now our task is to set up trail cameras, determine Artyom’s new range and strengthen its protection,” Aramilev added.


Having studied the tiger’s tracks, specialists decided that the feline has inhabited this area for two months. It is yet unclear if he will stay there in the future, the message reads.


“Now we will monitor the tiger. We are waiting for the first snow: then we will be able to follow his trail,” said Viktor Kuzmenko, director of the Tiger Centre.


Artyom was captured in Primorye in 2016 after he killed a cow. The tiger was sent to the Centre for the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals (Tiger Centre) and later released near the Ussuri Nature Reserve.

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