Camera Trap 2018 contest results summed up

Camera Trap 2018 contest results summed up

29 December 2018

The Camera Trap 2018 fourth national contest is now over. The Chyornye Zemli Nature Reserve came out on top, winning the contest’s main prize.


The Bastak Nature Reserve, Land of the Leopard National Park, the Durmin Game Farm and the Orlinoye Experimental Game Reserve won the contest in the Cats category, sponsored by the Amur Tiger Centre.


The contest was held from 5 June until 25 December 2018, with members of the jury reviewing 782 entries from 62 contestants. The awards ceremony is scheduled for 18 January 2019 during the opening of Russia’s Primeval Nature festival at the Central House of Artists in Moscow.


The Camera Trap national contest is the first one in history to accept only images and videos of wildlife taken using camera traps. The contest aims to show the potential of cutting-edge technology and to encourage its use for observing, studying and protecting the environment.

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