Another conflict-prone tiger captured in Khabarovsk Territory

Another conflict-prone tiger captured in Khabarovsk Territory

4 December 2017

On 30 November, a human-wildlife conflict resolution group at the Khabarovsk Territory’s Natural Resources Ministry captured a male Amur tiger in the Bikin District, 10 kilometres from the village of Svetlogorye. The tiger was acting strange and was probably involved in attacking dogs in local villages.


The tiger was placed in the Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre to find out if it could have attacked a man. The tiger is in good physical shape and is behaving appropriately for a captured wild animal.


At the moment, the centre is also home to a tigress that has been recently taken from the wild and that might also be responsible for the attacks on dogs and people in the villages. Experts say that predators could be prompted to attack domestic animals due to a lack or inaccessibility of food, that is, wild ungulates.  


The fate of the tigers will be decided by the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources after receiving all the necessary data, including biological test results.