Tigress who might have attacked a human captured in Khabarovsk Territory

Tigress who might have attacked a human captured in Khabarovsk Territory

29 November 2017

On 29 November, a female Amur tiger was captured in the Bikinsky District by the conflict resolution group of the wildlife committee at the Khabarovsk Territory’s Ministry of Natural Resources. The tigress might be responsible for a tragedy that occurred in late October and led to the death of a man.   


Now specialists will have to find out if the tigress could have attacked a man and dogs. “It’s most likely that the tigress will be blamed for the disappearance of dogs from the village of Svetlogorye,” said Sergei Aramilev, general director of the Amur Tiger Centre. “Whether the tigress attacked a man will only be known after carrying out a comparative examination of the hair and other biological products that were detected at the scene of the incident and those taken from the tigress.”


For the time being, the tigress has been taken to the Utyos Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre. If there is enough proof that she attacked a man, she will not be released back into the wild.   


“The fast-response team has acted professionally,” said Khabarovsk Territory Minister of Natural Resources Alexander Yermolin. “Our main task was to keep the population in the Bikinsky District safe and, second, to comply with the recommendations of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources [Rosprirodnadzor]. We’ve delivered on both tasks, and we believe that now that the tigress has been captured, people will be safe. Next, we need to see why the predator attacked a human and continue monitoring the situation in the district just to be on the safe side.”