Two tiger cubs make friends at rehabilitation centre

Two tiger cubs make friends at rehabilitation centre

17 March 2017

Two orphaned tiger cubs, a male and a female, have been placed together in one spacious enclosure at the Centre for the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals. The cubs are getting along fine.


Both predators were caught near villages in the Primorye Territory. An injured six-month-old male cub was found in the Pozharsky District in January 2017. The animal has undergone  major surgeries. The female cub was caught in the Lazo District in December 2016. She was emaciated.


Settling a pair of animals together is common practice at rehabilitation centres across the world. Being able to communicate with others and to play with them is crucial for an Amur tiger’s development. “As they play with each other, they hone their hunting skills. The gender difference ensures the absence of conflicts, which often occur in the wild due to a lack of food. Naturally, this cannot happen at a rehabilitation centre,” said Sergei Aramilev, director of the Far Eastern branch of the Amur Tiger Centre. For the cubs to be able to practice skills they will need in the wild, live prey will be let into the enclosure once a week.     

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