Tigers seen near Khabarovsk Territory village

Tigers seen near Khabarovsk Territory village

10 March 2017

Wild cats have strayed into human territory again. According to the Amur Tiger Centre, an Amur tigress with a cub was seen near the village of Kutuzovka in the Lazo District of the Khabarovsk Territory. The predators attacked a few dogs and a horse. The tigress does not attack domestic animals herself, giving the opportunity to her cub to improve its hunting skills.


The group to resolve tiger-human conflict at the local Natural Resources Ministry took the situation under control. The experts came to the conclusion that if they fail to scare the tigers away, they will have to take them out of the wild.


“Now we are trying to scare the animals away. And at the same time, we are preparing to catch the tigers if necessary. Doing so is difficult. There are two tigers, and they don’t come to a particular place but to different yards,” said Yury Kolpak, Head of the Department of Wildlife Conservation of the Khabarovsk Territory Hunting Committee.


Previously, tigers were seen near the village of Trety Splavnoi Uchastok, neighbouring Kutuzovka. 


“The reason for such behaviour can be the difficult age of the cub, which felt independent and got used to easy prey, and its mother cannot bring it to reason. I hope that scaring them away will prove effective and that we won’t have to catch them. But if there is no alternative, the Utyos rehabilitation centre, located near the village, will take them in,” said Sergei Aramilev, director of the Far Eastern branch of the Amur Tiger Centre.