Vladik and Filippa to be released in April

Vladik and Filippa to be released in April

1 March 2017

The Amur tiger Vladik and tigress Filippa are getting ready for release into the wild in late April this year. The big cats are currently staying at the Centre for the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals in the village of Alekseyevka.


Both tigers have undergone a full course of rehabilitation at the centre and will stay there until their release. Experts say that the two predators have got used to each other and even become friends.


Their behavior also shows that they are ready for life in the wild: they successfully hunt large hoofed animals and remain cautious towards people.


Vladik the tiger was captured in October 2016 in Vladivostok, and Filippa was found in the winter of 2015. The two tigers were emaciated when they were found by the employees of the Primorye Territory Department of Hunting Supervision. Both animals are perfectly healthy now.


The researchers plan to constantly monitor the life and condition of the animals by tracking them with GPS collars, which the tigers have already got accustomed to.