My Snow Leopard festival results ready

My Snow Leopard festival results ready

7 June 2017

The fifth international media wildlife festival, My Snow Leopard, founded by the Sayano-Shushensky Biosphere Reserve, the Khakassky Nature Reserve and the Khakassian branch of the Russian Geographical Society, has come to a close.


This year, the competition’s organising committee accepted over 300 entries from Russia and other countries in the following categories: Drawing, Souvenir, Creative Writing, Choreographic Production, Research Paper, and Video.


The main prizes include a tour along the Taiga ABC eco-trail, in the Khakassky Nature Reserve and a visit to the administrative and tour centre of the Sayano-Shushensky Biosphere Reserve. The winners’ list has been published on the Sayano-Shushensky reserve’s website.


The My Snow Leopard festival has been held since 2013, and seeks to promote the conservation of the snow leopard and other endangered wild animals.