Over 580 Amur tigers live in Russia

Over 580 Amur tigers live in Russia

29 July 2020

According to monitoring in 2019, Russia is home to over 580 Amur tigers. In 2004 ΜΆ 2005, the estimated number of tigers in Russia was between 480 and 500. These figures were mentioned in the report of the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, timed to celebrations of International Tiger Day on 29 July.


“The Amur tiger is a priority wildlife species under the federal project on the preservation of biological diversity and the development of ecotourism, which is part of the Environment national project,” the report reads.


The Amur tiger lives in four Russian regions – the Primorye and Khabarovsk territories, the Amur Region and the Jewish Autonomous Region.


At present, the Amur tiger habitat covers 39 specially protected natural areas (including 16 of federal significance), which have a total area of 4.7 million hectares. This is a quarter of the total Amur tiger geographical range, including specially protected areas, such as the Sikhote-Alin Nature Reserve, the Lazovsky Nature Reserve, the Ussuri Nature Reserve, the Kedrovaya Pad Nature Reserve, Land of Leopard National Park and Udege Legend National Park, to name a few.


 “The confident growth in the numbers of the Amur tiger reaffirms the willingness of our country to fulfil its commitments under the Global Tiger Recovery Programme to bring the number of tigers to 600 (including 500 adults). It is particularly important to reach this goal since Russia will host the second International Tiger Conservation Forum in 2022,” notes the ministry’s report.