“People and Tigers” by Oksana Pushkina is aired

“People and Tigers” by Oksana Pushkina is aired

25 February 2020

“People and Tigers,” a film by Oksana Pushkina on relations of these rare predators with ten different people was aired on television on 24 February.


Pushkina’s film consists of 10 encounters with Amur tigers. She quotes stories from Gosokhotnadzor workers and various environmental organisations, Udegei voodoo, a woman whose husband was killed by a tiger, a Far Eastern artist, a famous film producer and a designer. All of them are united by one common goal – to preserve the Amur tiger for the generations to come.


Amur tigers are one of the smallest groups and the largest and northernmost tiger subspecies. They are not only of national but also of global value. Russia has 95 percent of the global tiger population.


Oksana Pushkina, State Duma deputy of the seventh convocation, is a long-time partner of the Amur Tiger Centre. She often takes part in projects aimed at informing the public about how precious the Amur tiger is and promoting their positive image. She visited areas habitated by tigers in February and July 2018 to produce a film about relations between Amur tigers and the people that protect them or live in harmony near them.