Released tigers gather in the Jewish Autonomous Region

Released tigers gather in the Jewish Autonomous Region

7 November 2018

Employees of the Jewish Autonomous Region’s Hunting Supervision Department and the Tiger Centre have finished monitoring the Amur tiger population in the taiga of the Jewish Autonomous Region. The results show that Borya and Svetlaya, two tigers released in 2014, still share the same grounds and are doing well.


“The tigers are well nourished; they hunt regularly and productively, which is obvious. The results of the tiger cluster checks prove this,” said Viktor Kuzmenko, director of the Tiger Centre.


Experts also believe that Svetlaya now has at least two female rivals: Filippa and Lazovka, the tigress from Lazo. Another tiger, Saikhan, who was released via the soft method on 19 May 2018, was also seen on Borya’s turf this April. It is most likely that Filippa will choose Borya.


“At the same time, Svetlaya will not interfere, and in the future, Boris can also choose Lazovka. It is OK for tigers to have 3–4 females living in their home range,” said Sergei Aramilev, general director of the Amur Tiger Centre.


In addition, the tiger survey provided experts with the first photos of Filippa from camera traps. She is now about three years old and in perfect shape, which proves that she has successfully adapted to living in the wild.