Scientists check on Filippa in Russia’s Far East

Scientists check on Filippa in Russia’s Far East

2 August 2018

A special group set up to monitor Amur tigers has visited the area where Filippa the tigress was released after rehabilitation, the press service of the Amur Tiger Centre reports. It is the first time the group went to this remote part of the Jewish Autonomous Region for a planned monitoring visit.


“We have completed a large amount of work this time. For example, we have installed trail cameras in Filippa’s home range. The tigress has chosen the best possible spot in that region, away from populated areas and with many hoofed animals and hence, enough food. Filippa’s range borders on that of the male tiger Boris, and so we will closely monitor relations between them,” said Viktor Kuzmenko, director of the Tiger Centre.


Filippa’s range is located near the border with China on the high bank of the Amur River and comprises both steep cliffs and deep marshes.


Scientists say that the number of monitoring areas in the Far East has been growing as more tigers are released into the wild, contributing to the development of a stable population of tigers in the Jewish Autonomous Region.