26 Amur tigers live in Bikin National Park

26 Amur tigers live in Bikin National Park

3 July 2018

The recent photo monitoring session at Bikin National Park showed that there are 26 Amur tigers inhabiting the protected natural area. The images were retrieved for the period from November 2017 to February 2018.


“The first automated trail cameras were installed in the park in early 2017 and captured 10 tigers: five females and five males. However, a large-scale photo monitoring session was held for the first time in the winter 2017-2018,” said national park Director Alexei Kudryavtsev.


Senior research fellow at Bikin Vladimir Popov added that there are 10 males, 10 females (two of them have cubs and four are pregnant) and there are six cubs in two litters. “What is interesting is that one of the females has four cubs, which is rare. This shows that the tiger population in the park is doing well. We were especially happy to get images of a tigress and her two cubs eating a boar which was killed earlier by a male tiger. Camera traps brought other interesting photos too, for instance, with three yellow-throated martens and a tiger that was resting in front of one of the cameras,” Popov said.


According to experts, Bikin National Park is an important Amur tiger habitat, with 10 percent of its world population there.

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