Motorist encounters an Amur tiger in Land of the Leopard

Motorist encounters an Amur tiger in Land of the Leopard

29 June 2018

A motorist driving along the borders of Land of the Leopard National Park on the Razdolnoye–Khasan motorway managed to take a video of an Amur tiger on his mobile phone. National park experts studied the video and came to the conclusion that the footage shows the young female T 6F.


According to the scientists, the tigress’ behaviour does not give cause for concern. She watched the man while he was calling her from his car and taking a video of her and then hurriedly disappeared in the forest. This tigress had already been spotted in the national park during a photo monitoring session.


“Motorways cross the entire Amur tiger range, including Land of the Leopard, so such encounters are possible, and thanks to modern technology, people record such cases frequently,” said Dina Matyukhina, a senior researcher at the national park. “In this case, locals have nothing to worry about, however they should understand that the tiger is a serious beast of prey, and if it approaches roads or villages, the information should be immediately reported to experts. This will help promptly solve and prevent possible conflicts.”

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