Tiger fairytale contest to kick off in Primorye

Tiger fairytale contest to kick off in Primorye

8 May 2018

The Amur Tiger Centre and the Administration of the Primorye Territory have announced the Stripe to Stripe environmental contest, scheduled to begin on 10 May. Primorye school students of all ages (grades 1-11) are invited to participate in the contest.


The contest welcomes creative writing in the genre of a fairytale about the Amur tiger. Entries should tell about the problems facing these dangerous predators and also why it is necessary to protect the big wild cat and nature in Primorye.


“Environmental education is as important as literature or law classes. The contest is yet another opportunity to raise children’s awareness of environmental concerns and allow the younger generation to indulge in fantasies on the subject,” said Sergei Aramilev, general director of the Amur Tiger Centre.


The contest will be held from 10 May through 20 June 2018. The best entries will make up a selection of fairytales, entitled Stripe to Stripe, due to be published by the Amur Tiger Centre ahead of Tiger Day 2018.