Amur Tiger Centre sums up results of Best Spelling Letters competition

Amur Tiger Centre sums up results of Best Spelling Letters competition

22 November 2017

The Amur Tiger Centre has summed up the results of the 15th Best Spelling Letters national competition of children’s letters, organised as part of the Year of the Environment. This year, school children submitted some 90,000 letters for the contest.


The project’s main themes this year were the categories “I have an Amur Tiger Living at Home,” “Letter to 2117: What Nature will be Like in Russia in 100 Years,” and “Marking the Year of the Environment: What I Do to Preserve Russia’s Nature.”


“As the event’s organisers, we are very pleased that the children’s interest remains high for topics related to nature conservation. This gives us hope that the next generations will treat the environment, which in a way is our common home, respectfully. The same applies to the attitude to animals, our neighbours in this home,” Amur Tiger Centre director general Sergei Aramilev said. “If a child is properly educated, he/she always behaves in an orderly manner, be it in town or outside, and keeps the environment comfortable for themselves and for those around them,” he emphasised.


Following the 2016 contest, a collection comprising some 40 letters and over 60 drawings was published. The book became a finalist of the Book of the Year national contest.


The Best Spelling Letters competition is held by the Russian Post, Lomonosov Moscow State University, the Communication Workers Union of Russia, and the Uchitelskaya Gazeta newspaper.