Saikhan and Lazovka tigers become inseparable

Saikhan and Lazovka tigers become inseparable

25 August 2017

Experts from the Centre for the Rehabilitation and Reintroduction of Tigers and Other Rare Animals in the village of Alekseyevka have noticed that the tiger cubs Saikhan and Lazovka have become inseparable. They are growing up, but this has not changed their mutual affection for one another.


The tiger cubs go everywhere together. If a trail camera spots one of them, this means that the other one is somewhere nearby and will be spotted soon after. They also hunt together, which is very unusual for big cats. Saikhan and Lazovka have been recently spotted hunting a deer. The tigress began the hunt and knocked down the deer, after which she moved away to let the tiger deliver the final blow. Then the tigers dragged the deer into the bushes. This behaviour is remindful of relations in a pride of lions.


The reintroduction of Saikhan and Lazovka into the wild is planned for the spring of 2018.

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