Environmental development issues discussed at the Kremlin

Environmental development issues discussed at the Kremlin

27 December 2016

On 27 December, the Russian President chaired a State Council meeting on Russia’s environmental development for future generations. The event was attended by Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection Sergei Ivanov, chairman of the organising committee for the Year of the Environment in Russia.


In his report, Mr Ivanov focused on animal welfare legislation. He noted the urgent need to tighten regulations on travelling circuses, zoos, dolphinariums and other activities in which animals are used to earn money.


He also said that in recent years, the media often report on “homeless” bears, tigers and even crocodiles. “I’m deeply convinced that animals can’t be divided into wild and domestic, but an efficient system should be built to prevent people from throwing their pets away like a boring toy,” Mr Ivanov said stressing the need to support animal shelters and kennels. 


Previously, on 12 October, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Sergei Donskoi gave a report on plans to toughen penalties for poaching. Poachers will face up to three years of compulsory labour and a 1.5 million rouble fine or two to four years’ imprisonment.