Sergei Ivanov and IFAW discuss Russia’s environmental protection efforts

Sergei Ivanov and IFAW discuss Russia’s environmental protection efforts

19 December 2016

Special Presidential Representative for Environmental Protection, Ecology and Transport Sergei Ivanov met with the officials of the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW) on 16 December.  


They discussed areas and results of Russia’s environmental protection efforts, including the protection and conservation of the Amur tiger. “We can say with full confidence that Russia has managed to avoid the threat of extinction of rare animal species in the country,” Mr Ivanov said.


The meeting’s participants also discussed problem issues such as combating illegal hunting of rare species in Russia. “We have already passed new bylaws and laws that considerably toughen penalties for poaching,” Mr Ivanov said. “We have already had court cases with real prison sentences handed down.”


Azzedine Downes, President of IFAW, asked Mr Ivanov about the difficulties encountered in tracking cross-border migration of rare animal species. Animals do not have passports when they cross the border, and IFAW would not like to see the Russian project’s success jeopardised by the   cross-border problem, Mr Downes said.


Mr Ivanov made a proposal to IFAW to hold joint events with Russia aimed at heightening children’s environmental protection awareness. “We have many plans, quite ambitious plans to organise lessons in schools and show films about the environment in general and the animal world in particular that children will find accessible and understandable,” he said. Mr Downes responded that IFAW wants to continue working in Russia and take part in these new projects, and called Russia an example to follow. His colleague Pamela Anderson, member of the IFAW Consultative Council, said that Russia’s environmental protection efforts are not as well known around the world as they should be.