New images of Zolushka and Zavetny obtained

New images of Zolushka and Zavetny obtained

15 June 2015

Camera traps at the Bastak Nature Reserve have recorded 22 video clips and over 900 photos of the Amur tigers Zolushka (Cinderella) and Zavetny.


The staff used equipment purchased in 2014 with grant money from the Russian Geographical Society to monitor the movements of the two Amur tigers around the nature reserve. Moreover, the camera traps record the physical condition of the tigers, their interaction with other predators, and seasonal and daily activities.


Zolushka was discovered as a cub in 2012 in the Primorye Territory. She grew up in captivity but was successfully released into the wild in 2013. She has since reached reproductive age. The camera traps will make it possible to monitor her relationship with a male tiger and any future offspring.


Zavetny is the first wild tiger to independently settle in the Jewish Autonomous Region almost 40 years after the disappearance of the Amur tiger population in the area.


The Bastak Nature Reserve was established in 1997 in the Jewish Autonomous Region, and comprises the southeastern portion of the Bureinsky Ridge and the northernmost part of the Mid-Amur Lowland.