Chinese environmentalists to count Kuzya the Amur tiger

Chinese environmentalists to count Kuzya the Amur tiger

27 October 2014

The Amur tiger Kuzya, which is wandering in China, will be counted by Chinese environmental specialists, Amur Tiger Centre Director Sergei Aramilev said.


The Ministry of Environment has informed Chinese specialists of Russia’s plans to implement a tiger count and asked them to count the tigers in regions near the Russian-Chinese border to determine the overall numbers of this Red-listed animal.


In mid-October, Kuzya the tiger approached the Amur River, walked along it for several days and then swam towards China. The tiger’s movement is monitored by experts from the Severtsov Institute by way of its GPS collar. They also notified the regional authorities in Russia and China about the tiger’s location.


Kuzya is at the Taipinggou Nature Reserve where 60 infrared camera traps record its movements. Chinese experts believe the tiger may spend the entire winter in China.