Amur tiger Kuzya released into wild

Amur tiger Kuzya released into wild

16 September 2014

In May 2014, an Amur tiger named Kuzya was released into the wild together with other tigers as part of efforts under the presidential programme for the conservation of rare animals.


The tiger is leaving the Amur River territory and heading south, to the area where the Jewish Autonomous Region borders the Khabarovsk Territory, a press statement from the regional department for wildlife conservation has reported. The two other tigers, Ilona and Boris, are inhabiting the territory where they were released, namely at the Zheludinsky and Andreyevsky wildlife preserves, only seldom leaving the protected areas.


The striped wild cats are monitored by Primorye specialists of the Tiger Special Inspectorate and game management specialists of the wildlife preserves. They say the animals got used to the new environment very fast and hunt small game, wild boars and roe deer. In September, Boris killed a bear.


Specialists monitor the 1.5-year-old tigers by obtaining data from special satellite collars attached to them. The devices are programmed in a way that allows the wild cats get rid of them in one year and live independently.