Vladivostok celebrates Tiger Day

Vladivostok celebrates Tiger Day

1 October 2012

Several thousand residents and visitors to Vladivostok took part in the special event on 30 September.


This was the 13th year Tiger Day held in Vladivostok. The festival culminated in a carnival procession through the city’s central street, Svetlanskaya Street, in which schoolchildren, students, environmentalists and employees of various Primorye Territory organisations took part.


The procession participants were dressed in colourful costumes, most of which one way or another managed to depict the stripy markings of the Amur tiger.


There were several stands of environmental organisations in the square, where residents and visitors to Vladivostok were able to find out information from specialists about the life of the Amur tiger and the Far Eastern leopard, have their photographs taken with giant dolls depicting the animals, and also take part in an environmental lottery where everyone was assured of winning a prize. There was also free face-painting available for people who wanted to have the black markings of the Amur tiger painted on their faces.


During the Tiger Day celebrations in Vladivostok, Primorye Territory environmentalists collected over 15,000 roubles for the preservation of the tiger cub orphan Cinderella, who was found at the end of the winter in the Ussuriysky District of the Territory. The emaciated animal was sent to a special centre for treatment and recovery. During the Tiger Day celebrations in the central square a pavilion was set up where money was collected for food for the tiger cub orphan. Over 15,354 roubles was collected from the residents and visitors to Vladivostok on just the first day. The money will be spent on meat for the growing tigress or to purchase live deer, which Cinderella could be taught to hunt, since the animal is due to be released into the wild in February or March next year.