Russia to send Amur tigers to Iran

Russia to send Amur tigers to Iran

28 February 2012

This year, Russia will send several Amur tigers to Iran in exchange for an equal number of leopards. Agreement for this was reached on February 27 in Iran during talks with Iran’s Environment Protection Organisation, according to Russia’s Natural Resources Ministry.


Prior to the actual exchange, the two countries will share the animals’ biometrics, the ministry press office said, adding that they had so far only reached an initial agreement on that. Experts from both countries will first visit the proposed sites of the animals’ future residence. After that, the parties will draw up the required documents in accordance with international requirements. At this stage, the Russian delegation has already developed a reception programme for the leopards; the Iranian side will have to work out a similar procedure.


It will not be until all the technical details are agreed upon and the open air cages are ready and route maps are drawn that the two countries will begin selecting the specific animals. “It is too early to discuss where we will take the tigers from and where the leopards will be settled,” the Nature Ministry said. Russian specialists will examine the tigers before sending them to Iran and issue certificates, according to the ministry press office.


Two years ago Russia sent two Amur tigers to Iran in exchange for two Persian leopards.