Russia celebrates Amur Tiger Day

Russia celebrates Amur Tiger Day

24 September 2011

The Tiger Day, which celebrates the lord of Ussuri taiga, was held on September 24 in Vladivostok and Moscow.


In the Primorye Territory the festivities opened with a carnival procession along Vladivostok's central street. Students dressed in orange striped clothes carried placards calling on the Primorye Territory residents to help preserve the Amur tiger, which became a heraldic symbol of the territory and of the Vladivostok city. The celebration continued with animal costume and makeup contests, street painting, and games and quizzes on the Amur tiger and the Ussuri environment.


In the past decade, much progress has been made in the Amur tiger protection in the Primorye Territory. The Amur tiger population has been diminishing worldwide whereas in the Russian Far East it remains stable, with 450 to 500 animals.


Primorye Territory ecologists dedicated the year 2011 to cedar protection. The tree is vitally important for the Ussuri taiga as it provides food for all hoofed animals, which are the main source of food for the Amur tiger.


Writer and game manager Vladimir Troinin initiated the idea of celebrating the Day of Tiger, the animal that symbolises the grandeur and wealth of Far Eastern nature. Since 2000, Tiger Day has been marked annually in zoos around Russia and abroad.


On September 24, contests and games were held on Tiger Day at the Moscow Zoo. At the main entrance to the zoo there was an exhibition dedicated to Amur tigers. Different games and master classes were organised for young visitors. The highlight of the programme was the appearance of the lord of the Ussuri taiga.


U.S. Embassy and international environmental organisations representatives also attended the event. The Russian Post issued a postcard to support wild nature conservation.

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