Tigress taken to Utyos rehabilitation centre

Tigress taken to Utyos rehabilitation centre

6 June 2011

On Sunday, June 5, specialists from the Russian Academy of Sciences' Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution and their colleagues from the Tiger Special Inspectorate caught the tigress that attacked dogs in the Khabarovsk Territory at the end of May and brought her to the Utyos rehabilitation centre.


They called her "Roskosh" (Luxury) after the name of the village near which she killed the dogs. It is, however, simply a nickname and will not be registered in any papers.


Specialists at the Utyos center will conduct a full medical examination of the tigress, while experts from the Severtsov Institute will check her for infectious diseases. During the initial checkup, she was found to be a young and healthy female. Her weight is around 110 kg, and all her teeth are in good shape. However, experts will receive a full picture of her health only after conducting further testing.


Yury Kolpak, director of the regional service for wildlife protection, suggested that the tigress attacked the dogs because they were easy prey. "It was enough for this predator to try dog meat once in order to hunt them for the rest of her life."


If the medical tests show that the tigress is in good health, her future will be decided by the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources.