Tiger Forum collects $380 million in preservation effort

Tiger Forum collects $380 million in preservation effort

24 November 2010

The International Tiger Conservation Forum in St Petersburg has collected over $380 million in an effort to preserve tigers around the world.


“Various nations and funds are willing to donate over $200 million, with another $180 million provided by bank loans,” said WWF Russia Director Igor Chestin in his presentation to participants. The government of the Federal Republic of Germany will donate $29.69 million, the U.S. government $11.15 million and the WWF $53.2 million, including $1 million donated by actor Leonardo DiCaprio. The Wildlife Conservation Society will contribute $50 million and the Global Environment Facility up to $50 million.


The World Bank will provide $120 million in loans with favorable terms and the Asian Development Bank another $60 million.


“Of course, the World Bank won’t profit from this loan; the bank cannot work through donations, it works through employment,” said Igor Chestin, commenting on the loan. World Bank Global Tiger Initiative coordinator, Andrei Kushlin, noted that the loan rate would be 0.13% per annum with a 40 year term. “In terms of capital depreciation, this money is almost free,” he said.