Oceanarium on Russky Island to open for visitors

Oceanarium on Russky Island to open for visitors

25 May 2016

The Primorye Oceanarium is opening its doors to visitors on 12 June 2016. Carps, walruses, white whales, seals and dolphins have already been brought to their new home. The oceanarium will have a collection of nearly 500 fish species. It is divided into themed zones, and almost all halls have interactive screens telling interesting facts about sea life.


The first floor has the “Amur River and Lake Khanka” exposition with young freshwater Amur sturgeon of the beluga species. The juvenile fish are already two metres long. The first floor also houses the expositions “Lake Baikal” and “Polar World,” which will feature penguins and an aquarium with two-metre-long seaweed.  An exposition with the largest aquarium, “Tropical Seas,” can also be visited on the first floor; it will display sharks and other giant fish.


Opposite the aquariums there will be several recreation zones, with the largest one offering a view of deadly marine predators. Visitors can also take a closer look at them from a special capsule with a glass ceiling.


The ground floor will be devoted to the marine micro world and will also house a jellyfish hall.


A number of educational programmes for visitors will be organised at the oceanarium. For more in-depth research, the oceanarium has six labs at the ready.