Four beluga whales brought to Primorye Oceanarium

Four beluga whales brought to Primorye Oceanarium

13 April 2016

Four young beluga whales were moved from open-air enclosures at the marine mammal research base in the Paris Bay to the main building of the Primorye Oceanarium.


According to researchers, the mammals handled the transfer well and began to eat the following day, which indicates that they did not suffer any stress.


In total, 10 belugas live at the oceanarium. All of them were transferred here from the research base, not from the research and adaptation station like other marine mammals. Probably another two belugas join the four mammals soon. One or two of them will be prepared for an exchange with other zoos or oceanariums.


Two beluga whales will continue to live at the base for research purposes.


The new pool is larger and deeper than the  open-air enclosures. There are six pools at the dolphinarium in the Primorye Oceanarium main building. The largest pool, with an area of 800 sq m and a depth of 9.5 m, is designated for performances. Another three pools house marine mammals. There is also a quarantine pool and a therapeutic bathing pool at the dolphinarium.