Rare photos of polar bears exhibited in Gorky Park

Rare photos of polar bears exhibited in Gorky Park

22 September 2021

The Gorky Park Museum has launched a photo exhibition featuring rare photos of polar bears taken during the two-month Master of the Arctic 2021 expedition.


“This is a unique exhibition. It showcases aerial photos of polar bears, as well as putting tracking collars on them. We also shot some video, which will soon become a film,” said Vasily Bogoslovsky, general director of the Clean Seas foundation.


Cosmonaut Valery Tokarev, the expedition’s pilot, noted the harsh weather conditions in the Arctic. The weather was rough and treacherous, but due to the team’s professionalism and coordination, it did not hinder the work of the expedition.


“The Arctic resembles a beautiful but fickle woman. It can betray you if you do not pay enough attention, and you can find yourself in an unpleasant situation. I think this is a good metaphor for the weather in the Arctic,” Valery Tokarev said.


Nikolai Korchunov, Ambassador-at-Large at the Russian Foreign Ministry and Chair of the Committee of Senior Arctic Officials, expressed hope that the expedition would grow into an international project.


The photo exhibition will run through 3 October.