Governor: No polar bears will be killed near Ryrkaypiy

Governor: No polar bears will be killed near Ryrkaypiy

18 December 2019

Polar bears are leaving the village of Ryrkaypiy, Governor of the Chukotka Autonomous Area Roman Kopin wrote on his Instagram account.


Sea-ice formations are freezing fast, and the predators are returning to their natural habitat, he noted. Only seven out of 56 bears remain on the village’s outskirts.


“I am personally monitoring the situation. Scientists and the head of the district have visited Ryrkaypiy. Essential equipment, scare cartridges and a snowmobile for patrolling the vicinity have been delivered to the village. Members of the Polar Bear Patrol remain vigilant, and police officers and border guards protect the local residents,” the governor writes.


According to Roman Kopin, there is no reason for alarm. Scientists monitor the condition of polar bears and keep track of their movements. The well-fed and active animals look quite healthy.


“I want to emphasise that no bears listed in the Red Data Book will be killed; this is out of the question,” he noted.


Walrus carcasses for feeding the predators have been placed far away from the village, and this minimises the risk of encounters between the animals and humans.

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