Russia and Monaco to join forces to preserve polar bears

Russia and Monaco to join forces to preserve polar bears

7 October 2016

The Russian Geographical Society (RGO) and the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation signed an agreement on cooperation in the protection of environment, marine ecosystems and rare mammals.


The document was signed by RGO’s First Vice President, academician Nikolai Kasimov and Vice President of the Foundation Bernard Fautrier. The agreement provides for joint efforts to preserve biodiversity, protect animals on the verge of extinction, especially polar bears and sea mammals, and their habitats.


Prince Albert II welcomed the signing in a video address. “Our friendship of many years encompasses many areas, including the environment. We have discussed these issues with Russian President Vladimir Putin several times,” he said. The Prince, who is a member of the RGO Board of Trustees, expressed his admiration of Russian President’s resolute efforts to protect large mammals and preserve Franz Josef Land.


Mr Kasimov said that RGO has concluded agreements with many of the world’s geographical societies. “However, this is our first agreement with a foundation that funds nature protection efforts, geographical expeditions and research. We, too, are a foundation of sorts, and we give what money we have available to projects that we believe are needed,” Kasimov said.