People feed polar bears in the Arctic again

People feed polar bears in the Arctic again

24 March 2016

On 20 March, YouTube published a video showing employees of an Arctic enterprise hand-feeding Polar bear cubs. The men decided to offer pastries to the Arctic beasts. The footage shows the mother bear nearby, watching her cubs treating themselves to the pastries and ready to defend them in case of danger.


“We can see the absolutely irresponsible behaviour of people who happened to find themselves in the Arctic region. The footage shows the mother bear a few tens of metres away. In our opinion, those people, firstly, put their lives at risk and, consequently, those bears’ lives because they would have inevitably been killed in case of a conflict. Secondly, eating ‘human’ food encourages animals to continue approaching people in the future in search of food, and this is a direct way to a dangerous clash of man with a severe beast,” Andrey Boltunov, the deputy chairman of the Marine Mammals Council, said.


The expert also pointed out that, most likely, the film was shot in autumn.


The year and place are uncertain because the video clip description reads that Polar bears are not found around Nadym.