Darwin Museum to present rare snapshots of Arctic beauty

Darwin Museum to present rare snapshots of Arctic beauty

5 February 2015

Rare photos of marine animals inhabiting the Arctic, Antarctica and Russia’s Far East, will go on display at the State Darwin Museum on 10 February. Experts of the Council on Marine Mammals will be on hand to provide visitors with interesting facts about the animals.


The exhibition offers a unique chance to admire the stunning beauty of the Arctic and Antarctica and learn the secrets of its wildlife. The photographs are supplemented with explanatory notes in Russian and English and descriptions of the biological and behavioural features of sea animals.


The project has been timed to coincide with Marine Mammals Protection Day and International Polar Bear Day, observed on 19 and 27 February. These two holidays serve as a reminder that even the biggest and most intelligent animals need to be protected by humans. Even in the 21st century, many problems remain. Among the exhibits are portraits of endangered species included in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation.


The exhibition runs through 26 March.  


(photo © Viktor Nikiforov)

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