Russian Geographical Society grant to preserve rare species of mammal

Russian Geographical Society grant to preserve rare species of mammal

7 April 2013

A joint project by the Russian Geographical Society and the Russian Arctic national park for the study and preservation of the polar bear and the Atlantic walrus is starting in the Arctic.



This year, the season for field research began earlier than usual at Franz Josef Land wildlife preserve. In April, the Russian Arctic park scientists, headed by director Roman Yershov and deputy director Maria Gavrilo (PhD Biology), will start the habitat research project aimed at preserving rare marine mammals and polar bears in Franz Josef Land.   



The scientists’ aim is to find the populations’ preferred areas on the archipelago    and mark them on the map. Throughout the year, a methodological base will be developed for tracking the seasonal distribution of the animals under study. Work will begin on the archipelago’s westernmost island of Alexandra Land.



The data obtained by the scientists will be used to study various aspects of the environment and animal behavior. The plans also include promoting ecotourism in the region, improving the system of preserving rare animals and their habitats, developing measures to preserve the populations of marine mammals and polar bears, primarily for ecotourism.


Marina Menshikova,

head, environmental culture department, Russian Arctic national park