Far Eastern leopard installation at Vladivostok Airport

Far Eastern leopard installation at Vladivostok Airport

3 September 2018

An art installation featuring a Far Eastern leopard has appeared at the Vladivostok Airport. The 3D figure of the spotted predator named Khors, who recently was chosen as the official mascot of the airport, welcomes guests of the 4th Eastern Economic Forum.


Khors was chosen as the official mascot of Vladivostok International Airport in late July 2018. Airport employees, who are keepers of the leopard since 2014, have chosen their spotted fosterling as a visiting card of the airport. He was named after the Slavic solar deity Khors.


The installation is located in the centre of the airport terminal on the first floor. In the future, it will be replaced by a sculpture of a leopard.


The installation was prepared specially for the forum, so that many forum visitors will begin their trip with a glimpse of the unique local wildlife.


A themed venue at the Far East Street exhibition on the embankment of Far Eastern Federal University will be dedicated to the Primorye wildlife. Here, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment will present the main natural wonders of nature reserves and national parks of the region, including, of course, Land of the Leopard.


“While growing the economy, we need to reach harmony between humans and nature. The Far Eastern leopard is an indicator of the ecosystem status. These felines are nature’s gift, and their conservation will benefit people also, because the environment is our common home and balance is the best indicator of a healthy home,” said Viktor Bardyuk, director of Vorontsov Land of the Leopard National Park.


The Eastern Economic Forum will take place on Russky Island on 11-13 September. It will bring together over 6,000 people from 19 countries, including Great Britain, Canada, the US, China and Japan.