Meet Hors the leopard

Meet Hors the leopard

30 June 2014

Today we will meet a male Far Eastern leopard named Hors. This name was given to him by the employees of Vladivostok International Airport, which has been a long-term partner of the Leopard Land National Park.


Hors was photographed by trail cameras for the first time in 2013. He is a relatively mature male leopard, but the cameras have only detected him twice. However, both times the leopard spent a lot of time in front of the camera, which allowed for taking numerous excellent shots.


The privilege to name this graceful animal was given to the old partners of Leopard Land, the employees of Vladivostok International Airport. Following an in-company vote, the leopard was given the name Hors. In the Old Church Slavic language, this word means “shining,” “brilliance,” “glory.” Also, Hors is the name of a Slavic god.


“Such a magnificent animal as a Far Eastern leopard deserves a special name,” the airport employees said. “Hors is the Slavic god of sun, the god of the sunny, yellow colour. Many peoples called the sun disk ‘hors.’ The sunny mood and the name of the god are reflected in many Russian words we use now.”