Wild cat train arrives in Vladivostok on Tiger Day

Wild cat train arrives in Vladivostok on Tiger Day

27 September 2016

The Rossiya train, whose carriages bear images of Far Eastern wild cats, arrived in Vladivostok on Tiger Day, marked on 25 September. The ceremony to greet the train took place at the railway station in the evening.


The train was welcomed to the capital of the Primorye Territory by the Admiral Nevelskoy Maritime State University Orchestra, actors wearing head-to-toe tiger and leopard costumes, photographers, journalists and city residents. Greetings and congratulations on Tiger Day were delivered by Nikolai Maklygin, head of the Far Eastern Railway; Nikolai Surnev, head of Vladivostok's Frunzensky District; and Sergei Aramilev, director of the Far Eastern branch of the Amur Tiger Centre. The arrival of the Rossiya train with its colourful livery is not the only special event dedicated to Tiger Day. Nikolai Maklygin said that on 25 September another train with images of Amur tigers and Far Eastern leopards on its cars set off from Moscow to Vladivostok.


The Rossiya train travelled across the country, introducing Russians living along the way to unique animals of the Far East. During each of the train's stops, photographers — both professionals and amateurs — were able to take part in the Amur Tiger and Far Eastern Leopard Photo Hunt photography contest. The best photos of the spotted and striped train will decorate its interior.


The themed train was a nice surprise for its passengers, which included many visitors from Germany, France, China and Australia. They received gifts featuring photos of rare wild cats and magazines about these animals.


The Rossiya train decorated with images of the Far Eastern leopard and the Amur tiger is a joint project of Russian Railways, the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisation and the Amur Tiger Centre. The project aims to bring the issue of preserving Red Data Book wild cats into the spotlight for passengers and the people living in Russia.