Leopard and tiger images decorate Russian Railways trains

Leopard and tiger images decorate Russian Railways trains

19 September 2016

Images of Far Eastern leopards and Amur tigers now decorate the carriages of Rossiya passenger train No 1/2 running between Moscow and Vladivostok. The wild cat train departed from Moscow’s Yaroslavsky Railway Station on 19 September. The unveiling ceremony was attended by Svetlana Stefanovskaya, deputy general director of the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisation, Yury Biryukov, general director of the Amur Tiger Centre, and Oleg Nikitin, deputy director general of the Federal Passenger Company. The train will arrive in the Primorye Territory’s capital on 25 September to mark Tiger Day, which is celebrated in Vladivostok every year.


“Today we are sending off an extraordinary train. It is a one-of-a-kind project.  <…> Together with the Amur Tiger Centre and the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisations, we are raising awareness of the rare species preservation. We believe that it is remarkable and very appropriate that Rossiya train No.1/2 has been selected for this project. This train traverses almost the entire country, setting off from Moscow and arrives in the homeland of these animals, the Primorye Territory,” Oleg Nikitin told journalists before the train’s departure.


“We are happy that every day the number of our supporters who see the leopard conservation issue as a priority environmental initiative is growing. It is the first campaign of this kind conducted in cooperation with Russian Railways and, we believe, a remarkable way to draw public attention to this problem,” Svetlana Stefanovskaya said.


The Rossiya train celebrates its 50th anniversary this year. Over half a century, the train’s colours have changed several times but this time the exterior carrying images of leopards and tigers is complemented with information materials and documentaries about the endangered wild cats demonstrated to passengers.


“The iconic train has changed both outside and inside. We filled it with the most interesting information so that our passengers can learn more about the life of these two extraordinary Far Eastern animals, their role and significance for the entire region, threatening factors and efforts that can help preserve and increase their population,” Yury Biryukov added.


The train’s departure also coincides with the Amur Tiger and Far Eastern Leopard Photo Hunt photography contest. Amateur and professional photographers can submit their photos of the Rossiya themed train on the route or at stations. The best photos selected by the jury will decorate the interior of the Rossiya train over the next years.


Two Russian Railways trains were decorated with tiger and leopard designs as part of the wild cat campaign. The second themed train will depart from Moscow on 25 September. The images of the rare predators will remain on the carriages through 2017, which is the Year of the Environment in Russia.