Far Eastern Leopards Supervisory Board meeting

Far Eastern Leopards Supervisory Board meeting

15 March 2016

Sergei Ivanov, Chief of Staff of the Presidential Executive Office, chaired a regular meeting of the Far Eastern Leopards Supervisory Board, addressing the progress that the organisation made last year and its goals for this year.  


The presidential chief of staff said assistance to Russian Far East environmental protection agencies is a key area of the organisation’s activity. In particular, it will continue to finance the safety and fire alarm systems at Land of the Leopard National Park, research projects, and the tigers’ and leopards’ food sources.


Thanks to effective anti-poaching measures, as well as ecotourism infrastructure development, the Far Eastern leopard population is growing, he said. During a relatively short time – five years – the number of leopards has more than doubled, from 30 to 80. However, there is a growing risk of leopards causing damage to livestock farmers. In this context, a decision was taken to sign insurance contracts with cattle owners.


Other consequences of rising leopard numbers include their freer movement across Russian territory and their migration to China. The presidential chief of staff said China is planning to create its own national park on a territory bordering Russia, which will naturally expand the rare animal’s habitat.


Mr Ivanov also said Russia’s first ecological tunnel, Narvinsky, will open in late March. Built in the Primorye Territory as part of the Far Eastern leopard conservation programme, it will allow residents and visitors to move about the protected territory in cars without crossing leopards’ migration paths.