Leopard Keeper contest draws entries from kids

Leopard Keeper contest draws entries from kids

21 November 2014

The organisers of the Leopard Keeper contest are still accepting submissions for naming some of the leopards inhabiting Land of the Leopard National Park. A considerable number of the entries come from children, who, apart from suggesting names, also send their drawings and crafts.


The leopard naming contest was launched in July 2014. Its rules and the photos of the animals to be named are available at Land of the Leopard’s official website. The main criterion is that contestants show real concern for preserving the population of Far Eastern leopards, both in words and deeds, either by raising awareness about the leopard or planting trees in a national park. That’s why there are so many children’s groups among the contestants: they learnt a lot about this unique feline from their teachers.


Most entries from children contain photographs of crafts and drawings of the Far Eastern leopard. “The fact that we have so many responses from children is important because a person’s environmental consciousness is shaped during childhood and adolescence,” Valentina Vysotskaya, head of the environmental education department at Land of the Leopard, told reporters. “The future of our planet will depend on them, and it’s very important to instil in them a sense of responsibility for nature. Thanks to their teachers, they will grow up understanding the importance of preserving the Far Eastern leopard.”


The deadline for submissions is 25 December 2014. The finalists will be short-listed by the end of January 2015. After that, a special jury will select seven winners. The names of the Leopard Keepers will be announced in early February 2015.