Leopard Keeper contest

Leopard Keeper contest

15 July 2014

Leopard Keeper, a contest to name seven leopards, kicked off on 15 July 2014. These naming rights will be granted to seven individuals or organisations that can prove their contribution to the protection of one of the rarest felines on earth.


The contest regulations and an application form are available on the Land of the Leopard National Park website.


Entries are accepted from individuals and organisations of every country with no age restrictions. During the first stage of the contest, which lasts until 25 December, Land of the Leopard National Park employees will collect entries containing descriptions of an entrant's contribution to the protection of the rare wild cat, including subspecies other than the Far Eastern leopard.


Thirty finalists will be chosen before late January 2015 during the contest's second stage.


Seven winners will be selected by a special jury made up of employees from other environmental organisations. Winners will be announced during the third stage of the contest in early February 2015. These winners will be given the right to choose the names for seven leopards that are now referred to by their numbers:  Leo 17F , Leo 23F , Leo 27FLeo 28M , Leo 33 and Leo 34M.


You can see each one's “passport” by clicking on the link. These felines were photographed on the national park's territory in 2013 by camera traps purchased using funds of the Far Eastern Leopards autonomous non-profit organisation.