An exhibition featuring the snow leopard opens at the Moscow Zoo

An exhibition featuring the snow leopard opens at the Moscow Zoo

18 November 2022

An interactive exhibition, The Snow Leopard – An Invisible Cat, highlighting the issues of snow leopard conservation in Russia has opened at the Moscow Zoo. This educational project was developed by zoo specialists in partnership with Sailyugem National Park in the Republic of Altai, which currently has the largest population of snow leopards in the region.   


The exhibition is divided into several sections: a multimedia educational video, which is being screened above the main entrance to the Moscow Zoo; graffiti depicting a snow leopard near the exit from the Barrikadnaya metro station; and seven interactive booths.


Visitors can identify a snow leopard and even touch its fur at a site near the children’s zoo area, which has booths made to look like mountain ranges. They can also take photographs in the mountain environment where this predator normally lives and even listen to the sounds made by snow leopards, for example, its roar, bellow to attract a female snow leopard or purr. Visitors will also have the opportunity to look at the world around them through a snow leopard’s eyes by using special oculars.  


This interactive exhibition will run for a year until November 2023 and will help visitors gain an insight into this rare predator and the efforts to preserve the population of snow leopards in Russia.