Winners of the 7th My Snow Leopard festival announced

Winners of the 7th My Snow Leopard festival announced

30 July 2020

The jury of the My Snow Leopard wildlife festival announced the winners in all categories. This year, due to restrictions related to the spread of the coronavirus infection, the entry deadline was extended until the end of June. Entries were accepted in five categories: Study Summary, Creative Writing (poems and prose), Video (footage, animation and video clips), Souvenir and Drawing.


In total, the organising committee received about 300 entries from the Krasnoyarsk Territory, Khakassia, Tyva, the Novosibirsk, Smolensk and Murmansk regions, and the Kamchatka Territory.


In the Creative Writing category, Angelina Kochemaskina (Khakassia) took first place, Olga Miroshnichenko (Khakassia) ranked second, and Yelena Zamyatkina (Krasnoyarsk Territory) came third.


In the Video category, top honours went to Sofia Chebodayeva (Khakassia), Sofia Savchenko (Krasnoyarsk Territory) and Anastasiya Yakovleva (Khakassia).


Anastasiya Yakovleva (Khakassia), Viktoria Kizhatkina (Khakassia) and Pavel Levchenyuk (Kamchatka Territory) became winners in the Souvenir category for participants under 10 years. Yekaterina Malygina (Tyva), Valentina Oshchepkova (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Yelizaveta Savina (Krasnoyarsk Territory) and Yelizaveta Lobanova (Khakassia) were announced winners in the Souvenir category for participants aged 10-18. Svetlana Bekasova (Khakassia), Yelena Katsyuba (Krasnoyarsk Territory) and Yulia Tkachenko (Krasnoyarsk Territory) won in the same category among participants aged over 18.


A special prize was awarded to the family of Timur Bobylev for conceiving and creating the team board game Animal Protectors: Snow Leopard.


Angelina Ovchinnikova (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Angelina Ivanova (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Vyacheslav Gorbachev (Khakassia) and Alisa Landman (Krasnoyarsk Territory) won in the Drawing category among participants under 10 years.


In the same category for participants aged 10-18, the best drawings came from Anastasiya Vasilyeva (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Alexander Anakin (Novosibirsk Region), Anastasiya Korosteleva (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Polina Maksimova (Smolensk Region) and Yana Savina (Khakassia).


The winners among artists aged over 18 were Tatyana Korneva (Khakassia), Anna Danekina (Khakassia), Larisa Kuznetsova (Krasnoyarsk Territory) and Anastasiya Vamboldt (Krasnoyarsk Territory).


Anna Lyakhiva (Krasnoyarsk Territory), Yevgeniya Zyryanova (Smolensk Region), Alla Kupriyanova (Khakassia) and Yekaterina Bondarenko (Khakassia) became winners in the Study Summary category.


This year, as part of the final festival event, the winners will go on an excursion to the Oglakhty section of the Khakassky Nature Reserve. The trip is scheduled for August-September. In the near future, all participants will receive electronic certificates of participation, and the winners will get diplomas and prizes from the festival organisers.

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