Winter snow leopard count completed in Russia

Winter snow leopard count completed in Russia

17 May 2018

According to the annual count of the snow leopard population, a total of 61 animals (38 adults and 23 cubs) were recorded in Russia this year. The count was held in the republics of Altai, Tyva and Buryatia.


The most snow leopards – 35 animals – were recorded in Altai. In the republic, researchers also found a litter of four cubs, which is a record number for Russia. The count was conducted by the employees of Sailyugem National Park in the Yuzhno-Chuisky, Katunsky, Kuraisky and Sailyugem ranges.


In the Republic of Tyva, researchers counted a total of 17 snow leopards. The count was taken by the employees of the Ubsunur Hollow Biosphere Reserve and Tyva Nature Park in the Chikhachyov, Mongun-Taiga, Tsagan-Shibetu and Shapshalsky ranges.


In the Eastern Sayan range in the Republic of Buryatia, scientists spotted at least five adult snow leopards and four cubs. The count was carried out by the employees of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ Severtsov Institute of Ecology and Evolution in the Munku-Sardyk, Bolshoi Sayan and Tunkinskiye Goltsy ranges.


Russia has conducted its third annual snow leopard count at the initiative of the WWF Russia in partnership with specially protected areas and regional non-profit organisations.