New snow leopard photos and videos taken in Sailyugem National Park

New snow leopard photos and videos taken in Sailyugem National Park

26 April 2016

On 19 April, an expedition including researchers Alexei Kuzhlekov and Adar Anchin, Valery Orgunov, employee of the Department of Environmental Education, Tourism and Recreation Activity, and photographer Ivan Usanov set off in Sailyugem National Park. The expedition aimed to take photos and videos of snow leopards in the park.


The researchers divided into two groups near the Sailyugem Ridge to monitor the animals. Alexei Kuzhlekov found fresh leopard tracks near a tributary of the Sarzhemata River. After an unsuccessful hunt for mountain goats, the leopard moved across the pass to the valley of a tributary of the Kalanegir River, where the camp of documentary director Ivan Usanov and inspector Valery Orgunov was set up.


Through binoculars, Valery saw the leopard moving along the ridge at a distance of 6-8 kilometres. The researchers followed it, gradually getting closer to the animal. They managed to come within 1-1.5 kilometres of the leopard and take photos and videos of it.


Capturing footage of the snow leopard is a rare stroke of luck, as the animal is usually first to detect people. Nobody prior had managed to take professional photos of the leopard in its natural habitat in the Republic of Altai. 

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