Khakassia to establish its own environmental fund

Khakassia to establish its own environmental fund

19 February 2015

On 18 February, the head of the Republic of Khakassia, Viktor Zimin, chaired a meeting of the Supervisory Board of the Russian Geographical Society’s (RGS) Khakassia branch. The meeting was attended by chair of the Supreme Council of Khakassia Vladimir Shtygashev, chair of the Khakassia branch of the RGS Irina Sannikova, Khakassia’s minister of industry and natural resources Boris Varshavsky, Khakassia State University rector Tatyana Krasnovaz, and other members of the RGS regional branch.


Created in 2010, the Khakassia branch of the RGS has implemented a number of major environmental and educational projects, such as the establishment of the Pozarym Nature Reserve in Khakassia. This new specially protected area includes habitats of rare and endangered species, such as the snow leopard, Siberian ibex, forest reindeer, and Siberian argali.


Viktor Zimin praised the performance of the Khakassia branch of the RGS and thanked its members for their active and fruitful work for the benefit of the republic. He also suggested forming a republican ecological fund. “This effort should involve the public, not just the government and major organisations. Engaged residents should also have a chance to make a contribution. The fund will finance numerous projects to protect the environment and cultural heritage of Khakassia,” he said.


At the end of the meeting, Mr Zimin and Ms Sannikova presented RGS membership cards to Supervisory Board members – Abakan head Nikolai Bulakin, Tashtypsky District head Vasily Shulbayev, head of the Sayano-Shushensky Nature Reserve Gennady Kiselyov, and others.